Sunday 21st                      11.15am.  Anniv. Masses:

                                                               James Gilsenan Ardglasson                     

                                                               Colm Rooney Monaghan

                                                               Patrick, Lily & Martin Farrelly Clonabrany   


Tuesday 22nd                     9.00am.  Mass

Wednesday 24th                 9.00pm.  Christmas Eve  Vigil Mass

                                                              Anniv. MassBetty Tuite Clonabrany

Thursday 25th                   11.15am.  Feast of The Birth of The Lord.

                                                              Anniv. Mass Vincent & Brendan Leavy & Decd.

                                                              Members of the Leavy Family.

Friday 26th                         12.00am.  Feast of St. Stephen

                                                               Anniv. Mass Tommy McKeon  Johnstown

Sunday 28th                       11.15am.  Months Memory Mass Josephine CoyneJohnstown.




                                                             Eucharistic Adoration. 

Saturday 20th                     6.15pm.  Anniv. Mass Owen 0’Reilly    

Sunday 21st                       10.00am.  Anniv Masses:

                                                                 Deceased members of the Heery family Lisnagon

                                                                 Dessie McDonnell & Deceased Family Balgree

Wednesday 24th                  7.00pmChristmas Eve Vigil Mass

Thursday 25th                    10.00am.  Feast of The Birth of  The LordMass

Saturday 27th                       6.15pm.  Mass

Sunday 28th                        10.00am.  Anniv. Mass Patrick Kavanagh Clonasilla. 







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