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Regulations for Marriages in the Parish of

Marriage Ceremony in Kilskyre or Ballinlough Church!

1. Check availability of Kilskyre or Ballinlough Church at the Parish Office (9243623 or e mail and contact the local   priest (the solemniser) or parish secretary well in advance. kilskyreparish1 @eirccom.net)

A Booking fee of €400 for the use of the Curch is required for non-parishioners

2. All couples must complete the Pre-Nuptial Inquiry and related forms  with their own  local parish within 6 MONTHS of their wedding date. When doing this you must have a  copy of your Baptismal Cert(issued within the  previous  6 months) from the Church, where you were baptised and also a Confirmation Certificate from the Church, where you were confirmed . You also need Letters of Freedmon from each parish you lived in since you were 18 years.  Your local priest  will then forward these papers to Kilskyre.

3. Contact ACCORD (www..gettingmarried.ie), Navan or another Accord Centre   and register for  pre-marriage course, at  least 6 months in advance. Ph. 9023146


Under a directive from the Civil Registrar's Office (Sept 2007), couples must present themselves to the Civil Registrar at least 3 months before the date of the marriage. Along with personal data, the couple must give the name of the solemniser (priest)of the marriage to the Registrar.

The Civil Registrar in time will give a Civil Registration Form to the couple.

On the day of the marriage, the couple must take this Civil Form for signing to the Church . After signing by the Couple, Witnesses (bestman and bridesmaid) and Priest the couple must them return the Signed Form to the Registrar's Office within 1 month of the marriage.

The address of the Registrar's Office is Meath Enterprise Centre, Trim Rd, Navan. Ph 046 9023209.


1. The marriage ceremony must commence at the time arranged and no wedding ceremony can commence before 1.30pm (in the event of funerals)

2. The music chosen should both serve the liturgy and be in keeping with its sacred character.

3. No confetti is allowed in or outside the church.

4. Floral arrangements must be in keeping with the character of the church and must not be excessive.   Arrangements are not permitted on the main  altar table.

5. As a condition of our Insurance cover, no lighted candles are to be used in the body of the Church as they are a fire hazard.

Thank you for your co-operation.







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